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100 Salishan Dr | Gleneden Beach | OR | 97388    |    9am to 5pm Sunday - Saturday


Between the Pacific Ocean & Siletz Bay

Salishan is the residential area west of highway 101.  In 1962, under the direction of Developer John Gray, Salishan Properties, Inc. was founded.  The beautiful, artistic development of over 350 homesites between the Pacific Ocean and Siletz Bay has continued to be a private and restorative residential community on the coast. 

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A Brief History


Salishan Properties, Inc., under the direction of John Gray, developed this beautiful community of 369 homesites between the Pacific Ocean and Siletz Bay. 

Salishan Leaseholders, Inc. was established as an Oregon nonprofit corporation to foster and protect the interests of the current and future leaseholders. 


Salishan Leaseholders, Inc. began administering the maintenance rental fund and assumed many other responsibilities of the developer, except architectural control. 

Salishan Leaseholders, Inc. assumed all the controls, land, and wholly owned leases previously managed by the developer. 

We reaffirmed that we would call our residential area - Salishan. The legal name of our corporation is still Salishan Leaseholders, Inc., which is sometimes abbreviated SLI. The original and current Uniform Lease describe our property as Salishan. 


A Tribute

We are indebted to the first Salishan Leaseholders and the developer, John Gray,  for their dedication, farsightedness and planning that make Salishan such a desirable residential community. The volunteer efforts of leaseholders over the years have contributed to Salishan's successful operations. The value of the time and talents given to Salishan in immeasurable.

PHOTO: John Gray, via the Gray Family Foundation website

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